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Best-in-Class Customer Care

The Company analyses the best practice client service and implements the advanced standards of subscribers servicing (SLA). First of all, this involves the speed of connection to services, the time of reaching the help desk by phone, etc. In 2015, the level of clients outflow went down by 9% and by 16% in terms of broadband Internet and Interactive TV, respectively, compared to 2014. About 1.3 mln clients were retained.

A new structure was introduced to manage B2B segment clients, where the units were allocated for servicing corporate clients; a single number (8 800 200 3000) was launched to support B2B clients. The level of service satisfaction is 87%. The level of clients’ problems resolution(FCR – First call resolution) is 82% in technical support.

Key Performance Indicators 2013 2014 2015 Target
3rd line technical support
Repeated calls, % 19 10 8 10
Calls resolved within control time, % 14 61 82 90
2nd line technical support
Repeated calls, % 15–25 15 13 15
Customer issue average handle, h 50–20 8 2 3
Tickets resolved remotely, % 25–40 50 40 50
Control time, h 48 24
Controlled perimeter, number of cities 35 75 100

Сomprehensive program of client service quality improvement

In 2015, the operation of client committees was organized in all regional divisions in order to promote the Company’s client focus with participation of all divisions of the Company. Thanks to a multifaceted approach to reviewing provision of services, the improvement of client service has begun, involving changes in the system of out-of-order equipment acceptance: it is replaced upon the subscriber’s verbal request by a specialist of Rostelecom while visiting a house. A client does not have to come to the service centre to replace failed or damaged equipment.

In addition to client committees, a survey of client satisfaction was arranged in the contact centre, and the process of clients’ retention was launched based on the results of Smart Spy system. The retention based on this predictor is 80% on average. SLAs were approved.

Service channels were balanced:

  • voice traffic in the contact centre was reduced by 2.4%;
  • the share of self-service channels was increased by: SPA (single personal account) 3%, MPA (mobile personal account) 3%, IVR 2%;
  • the system of client support in social media was arranged across the entire country.

Challenging targets in client service

Growth of Net Promoter Score

NPS in Broadband Internet
NPS in Broadband Internet
NPS in Pay TV
NPS in Pay TV
NPS Drivers
NPS Drivers

CRM: development of sales support and customer service systems

In 2015, CRM was developed:

  • CRM follow-up development was completed to provide technical support to new products (All-in-One Communication Service, Wi-Fi, Wargaming, OTT telephony, e-commerce).
  • In 2015, more than 300 follow-up developments of the existing function were completed in all macro regions.
  • Geographic coverage of CRM services was expanded.

Over 300 follow-up developments of the existing function were completed in all macro regions

Guarantee of high quality of communication services

While offering the existing communication services to clients and developing new telecommunication services, Rostelecom traditionally pays significant attention to the level of quality of its products in order to provide for their competitive advantage in the market. Since 2006, the Company applies the quality management system in line with requirements of ISO 9000 standards.

Based on the results of recertification, the following certificates were obtained:

  • Russian certificate of compliance with requirements of the national GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) standard;
  • International certificate of compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard issued by the international AFNOR Certification group of companies;
  • International certificate of compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard issued by the international IQNet certification network.

Validity of certificates covers the quality management system across the entire Company with respect to design, development and provision of telecommunication and broadcasting services; design and construction of capital facilities; activities involving the use of computer equipment and information technologies.

Availability of certified services of Rostelecom is another proof of the fact that the Company renders telecommunication services with a guaranteed high quality meeting consumers’ requirements and technical regulations and standards.