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Revenue Structure by Segment

Revenue structure by segments, RUB mln 2014 2015 2015 vs. 2014, %
B2C 136,345 134,482 –1
B2B 55,696 54,598 –2
B2G 48,804 50,940 4
B2O 58,092 57,335 –1

Key factors of changes in revenue in relation to client segments based on results 2015 were:

  • lower income from telephony (B2C), which is not completely compensated by selling services of the growing sectors (Broadband Internet, Pay TV);
  • higher income in B2G segment due to successful start of the implementation of Safe City projects in some regions of the Russian Federation;
  • negative trends of revenue in B2B segment resulting from expenses optimization by clients in the corporate segment, as well as re-connection of small businesses as B2C clients due to the current macroeconomic situation.